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Dobre omówienie macrophilii

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PostWysłany: Nie 23:43, 13 Sty 2013    Temat postu: Dobre omówienie macrophilii

Jakby się chciało przetłumaczyć, dla nieczytających po angielsku....

Defining Macrophilia and Microphilia

The technical definitions of macrophilia and microphilia are really quite simple. Macrophilia is defined as the 'love of all things large' and microphilia is the 'love of all things small.' Simple enough, right? Not really, the technical definitions actually confuse a lot of people and mislead them as to who is who. Macrophiles love the large, but therefore love to be small and vice versa for microphiles. It's this ultimate complication that has led both the straight and gay communities to formulate their own unique name for the overall aspects of the two inseparable fetishes. The straight community calls it all Giantess [GTS], where as the gay community often calls it Macro [short for macrophilia, generally only this term is used to prevent confusion when using both]. The underlying factor in macro is a pronounced difference in size. Macro misleads people to believe it is solely a fantasy fetish, and while most of it is, the underlying aspect is as real as it gets. You'll find most littles [macrophiles in the truest since] lust after individuals much taller than themselves, usually by at least half a foot, more if they can find it; while most giants [microphiles in the truest since] lust after individuals much smaller than themselves. These attributes can be found in real people, in real life. But, the fantasy delves deeper, macros want a size difference not in inches, but whole feet, sometimes even miles!

Defining the Macro[phile]

Simply put, not everyone is into macro, or is a macro. Macrophilia [for purpose of both fetishes] develops almost exclusively in males. Does that mean you'll never find a woman into macro--no. But the fetish does not develop in them, it doesn't just appear in them, they usually learn it from men. For this purpose, the GTS community is comprised mostly of men, with few actual women in it, despite the large volume of montages you might see. The gay community, of course, is solely comprised of men, but because it develops in males there's very little need to teach someone the fetish in real life. You are not likely to ever find a lesbian macro community.

Where men outnumber women in the fetish, the same is true as to it's size dualities. Littles far outnumber giants. In fact, the largest complaint amongst most littles is finding a giant to talk and roleplay with. Why does macro seem to only develop in men and why do littles outnumber giants so vastly? No one really knows. But devoid of these two factors, macro is unbiased otherwise. And not everyone who is a macro was born to develop the fetish on their own. However, the majority of people who are macros, develop the interest in size differences without even knowing their fetish is an actual fetish. Most are surprised when they first discover they're not alone in their desires.

In addition, the common macro will most likely carry one or more of the following fetishes in addition, foot fetish, crush, vorarephilia, BDSM, frottage, furry, water sports, asphyxiation, snuff, and a host of other fetishes. Some of these will be discussed further on, others can be researched elsewhere on the web. The first few are most common and at least one of which is almost guaranteed. Most macros also have an inherent master-slave or dominant-subordinate part to them, since much of macro is a power exchange through the exchange of size.

The Growth and Feel of Macro

To many, it seems the macro and GTS communities have almost exploded onto the scene. Ask someone thirty years ago what macrophilia is and they wouldn't have a clue, ask them now, and there's a good chance they've actually heard of it, whether they are a macro themselves or not. The number of people who aren't inherent macros really hasn't grown exponentially, the increase is due to the Internet, yep, the Internet. But why has the Internet made these communities so pronounced?

Macro is a vastly fantasy based fetish, and much of what a macro wants to do simply can't be done in reality, the very laws of physics forbid it. But, the Internet allows chatting, roleplaying, stories, montages, photos, videos, and other mediums to be easily transmitted and shared, and computers in general help to formulate them to begin with. These tools allow macros to 'experience' their fetish. Many foot fetish sites now include more and more upshots because of the macro community, and it seems more and more macro-themed commercials, television show episodes, and movies, media in general, are making their way across air waves and print. Macro is growing and slowly becoming perhaps, more normal to us all. While most people don't know there are giant and shrinking lovers out there, some of which may be responsible for the clever commercial with the giant in it, the themes of macro are becoming bigger and better. Additionally, some macros are taking it upon themselves to film their own pornographic movies centered on macro, made by macros for macros. While low budget and only starring giants, no one being shrunk just yet, it is perhaps the first step, and a giant one at that, to mainstreaming the unique fetish of macrophilia.

Biting Off More Than You Can Chew

Remember not to get ahead of yourself in defining what is and isn't macro. Macro only relates to pronounced differences in size, anything beyond that is the incorporation of something else. One of the biggest fetishes often incorporated into macro is vorarephilia, or 'vore' for short. So what exactly is vore? Vore is its own fetish revolving around eating another person alive and whole. While this is the base definition of vore, it branches out to associated forms.

Vore is found related to macro as much as not. Some vorarephiles only like vore at 'full size' and don't incorporate shrinking or growth found in macro. While others, who are primarily macros, only like vore if there's a difference in size. And many go both ways so to speak. The argument could be made that changing size is impossible and silly, but it's equally as inane to think you'll swallow a full grown man alive and kicking in one piece. So vore, like macro, has been very dependent on the Internet to exist at its fullest. Vore isn't as widely spread or known and macro, and many people don't think of this aspect of macro as being its own unique fetish, but while vore is capable of being heavily integrated into macro it's also equally as capable of standing on its own.

Vore isn't always about swallowing alive and whole either. Vore incorporates chewing your food too, as well as digestion, regurgitation [to avoid being digested], and egestion [ridding of the waste]. But vore has other forms, while oral is most prominent, anal and urethral [ass and cock] are other big ones as well. In either case a form of digestion or absorbtion can occur where the little is converted into feces or semen [or even a sperm]. The GTS community also includes vaginal which can also incorporate 'rebirth.'

Tigers and Lions and Bears, Oh My!

One particularly interesting and in some ways seemingly bizarre aspect of the grand macro universe is anthropomorphism, also known as Furry or Furries. What is anthropomorphism? It's defined as the combination or hybridization of a human with another animal. A furry, is that creature resultant of the blending of the two. They're called furries because most are a mix of human and some other, furry, creature, most commonly a wolf, fox, etc. But not all furries are furry; some are combinations utilizing lizards or birds too. Furry seems to involve a large focus on vore, and perhaps less on feet, which macro in general focuses heavily on. Furries are something of 'outcasts' in the macro communities. They're deemed as weird, even freakish. But it's no odder to dream of giant furry half-humans eating you than a giant full-human squashing you. It should be noted that many a little in normal macro enjoys being thought of as nothing more than a bug or insect, some even wish to be morphed completely into one. So maybe furries aren't as weird as we might all think! It should be noted though, that furries are only related to macro when there's a difference in size, not all furries incorporate macro, as not all macros incorporate furry.

Dominating the Scene

Macro has a strong relation to BDSM, bondage, domination, and sado-masochism as well as M/s, D/s, master-slave and dom-sub elements. Macro isn't entirely about giants dominating littles. In fact some littles are the boss, though this is rare. But when you incorporate such a vast size difference it's almost impossible to deny such elements from forming. It'd be like telling a shark not to eat a guppy or an exterminator not to crush a cockroach. Humans crave power and the exchange of power is often very sexually charged. Some like to give it up, others love to take it. While macro isn't necessarily about domination, it is a factor you'll see quite often. But don't forget, a giantess can love his little boyfriend and turn around to crush his ex.

Putting Their Foot Down

Macro has a strong incorporation of the foot fetish. Though not all foot fetishists are macros, most macros are foot fetishists. Why? There's a number of factors that play important roles here. Foot fetishdom accounts for over half of all fetishdom. Studies show that out of all people who have at least one fetish, over fifty percent like feet. What does that mean, it means that the foot fetish outweighs all other fetishes combined! So, you're bound to meet someone who likes feet. Furthermore, people rarely have one fetish, so if they're already a macro, it's likely they're into feet.

But don't most foot lovers worship feet, how can so many macros be that crazed about feet? Two things, one, most macros are littles, and therefore would be worshipping giant feet. And two, foot fetishdom includes having your feet worshipped, and most giants like theirs worshipped, licked, kissed, etc. by littles. This extends to footwear as well, socks, sandals, shoes, sneakers, etc.

Most macros, especially those into feet, are into crush. What is crush? Crush is just what it sounds like, crushing, or stepping on a little to the point where they are squashed or killed. This also includes crushing with other body parts, but with such a strong focus on feet, they make the most sense. Don't' forget the power exchange. Feet are the 'lowest part of the body' and littles live to exist and die beneath a giant [and their feet].

Doesn't that count as snuff or death? Of course it does. But remember, this is all a fantasy fetish, it's not taking place for real. And even in many fantasies, the littles come back via rejuvenations or regeneration. But more often than not, the little's just a mere stain on the giant's foot. But this excites both giants and littles greatly. It's control over their very lives, the ultimate exchange of power. And most littles love to sacrifice themselves to their giant. Let's not forget vore, many littles don't survive being eaten. Some macros like the thought of pliability, being flattened, but not crushed, almost like silly-putty. This way they mold to the shape of their giant's foot, and often this idea is related to being used like an insole.

A Limitless Universe

Macro is mostly, seemingly purely, fantasy based. So much of macro comes from the imagination. There aren't any limits to macro. And macros are thinking up new ways to experience their fetish all the time. Some of the aspects and oddities of macro seem fantastic, until something even more unique comes along. Macros could try to list every last aspect of their fetish and little and giants could try listing every last thing that could be done with or done to a little, but the list would not end, and something new would be thought up all the time to add to it. But this is all part of macrophilia's charm. The possibilities are endless.
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PostWysłany: Pon 18:47, 14 Sty 2013    Temat postu:

nie czytalem calego a tylko o macrophilii. fajnie napisane i sie z tym zgadzam(a bynajmniej w wiekszosci)
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